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Our Initiative. Our Community.

There are a lot of people selling false promises. That’s why we only work with close friends and colleagues with whom we have shared experiences helping communities. Girls Freedom initiative founder, Dr. Blanchard Horan worked in Africa and India for more than 20 years.

She established this initiative as a way of giving others the opportunity to give to her programs. Know that all funds go directly to the people they serve because Dr. Blanchard-Horan covers the administrative costs of this initiative. So give today knowing that every cent goes to a worthy cause, helping women and girls make a better life for themselves.

Children of Northern Uganda


Feeding Orphans of Bugiri

There is an urgent need to feed children in Bugiri.  There has been a drought in Northern Uganda and Orphaned children of Bugiri are going hungry. They live at the Child Raising Center. Unfortunately, the center lost two of its main supporters the past two years, one to cancer and the other to COVID, in addition to losing access to the website they had paid to create – You can explore their old site here – . The new site will be located at We are providing this temporary platform as a place to support the Orphans of Bugiri until their new website is developed. 

  A modest contribution can give food and shelter to these children through the Children’s Raising Center. These orphaned children are in a drought-stricken area of the country. 

We will offer donors the opportunity to see and speak with the children and the project implementors – engage them in WhatsApp conversation about the food and education that are being provided, answer questions and see videos of food distribution.

Child Raising Center

At the Child Raising Center, these orphaned children receive a meal

Beans Rice & Posho

$50 Feeds 50 children for a day

$300 for a week


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After you make a contribution you will receive an invitation to join our Donor WhatsApp Group.

Here you can follow the kids and their progress.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (844) 569-7464  to Send Support Or Contact Us to Get Involved

GF Initiative

Looking for a way to help women and girls living in poverty? We are raising funds to build out our successful revolving program for women entrepreneurs in rural Uganda. We want to add a health savings account program too. Most women in these communities don’t have access to financing for building or growing a small business. Problem is, there are very few banks in rural communities and men usually control the purse strings in the household, except maybe her market money. She frequently sells a few tomatoes from her garden so she can pay for a doctor visit or she buys shoes for her daughter with that market money.  We want to help grow this revolving fund so that more people may benefit from it!

You can be part of something bigger than yourself by giving today! Every dollar counts towards helping these deserving women. Help make their dreams come true and become self-sufficient members of society. Give now and change a girl’s life forever!

Click here right now to give $5 or more today!

A Necklace for Me is the primary funder of this Girls Freedom initiative. Here’s an interview with the co-owner of the business and founder of

Saving Lives & Helping Women & Children Since 1992

Children Served

$ Raised

Loans Given

 We have two goals. One is to grant funds that lift up 100 women living in extreme poverty with a revolving fund loan specifically for women in rural Uganda. We do that through the Ishaka Health Plan Revolving Loan Program, which this program actually funds.


Our second goal, is in Sierra Leone we will bring education and training about gender-based violence onto vulnerable schools to reach 5000 school children and school administrators across the country.  The 9 to 19 Program is implemented by friends and colleagues working in health services across the country. they design and deliver the program.


What We Do

We work with local non-profits with whom we have had a long-term relationship. We provide funding for programs that are set up by local entities and funced by our primary donar A Richer Me, Inc. 

Our programs are designed to improve gender equity and raise women and girls out of extreme poverty.

Making a Difference Now!

The Girls Freedom Initiative is helping women raise themselves out of poverty. In Uganda, we support a Women’s Equity Program funded by a Richer Me, Inc The Girls Freedom Initiative sponsors the “The IHP Revolving Fund” This program is offering small start-up loans to women entrepreneurs, innovators, and other go-getters who are determined to change their lives for the better. The women we support borrow a small amount, say $50 and then they use it to make more money. When they pay it back in 3 months, they can get a larger loan. Agnes had no income but was known to the health plan as someone of solid character. She took out a small loan for $50 and paid it back in 3 months, then went for a larger loan. Here’s Agnes’ story. She’s a little shy, but a real entrepreneur! Learn more on these sites. GHL Solutions (Small Loans Program Developer with IHP) a Necklace For Me, a Richer Me, Inc. jewelry store, a Necklace for Me. Here’s Agnes’ story.

Our Mission

The mission of Girls Freedom is to raise awareness about and financial support for women and girls living in extreme poverty.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

Sponsor one or more women in their efforts to change from living in poverty to making a significant contribution to their families and to society. 

Make a contribution or contact our office for donations over $500. Write to 

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Join us to learn more about this important initiative to give opportunities not otherwise available to women and girls. Opportunities to live a better more fulling life. 

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